Every Community or Organization Needs the Help of a Mathematician Laureate

Some projects need engineers. Some projects need technology, and some projects need artists. But what do these adventures have in common? They all need Mathematician Laureates.

This special group of young mathematician artists is of every ethnicity, age, and skill level. What they have in common is a desire to make a difference. As a poet laureate uses words to conjure joy when despair reigns, a mathematician laureate uses mathematics to bring warmth to the coldest and darkest periods of life. They use mathematics as an art.

Your community or organization needs these people to build the projects you want, and to create caring relationships with a purpose – whether you are a business, a town or city, a non-profit agency, a religious community, or a school. Learn more about the Project and these special people. And, if you have a project you feel a mathematician laureate will enjoy helping with, please complete a project form on our Contact page. If you are a potential mathematician laureate and want to become involved in a project, complete the interest form on our Contact page.