Mathematician Laureates


Youth Mathematician Laureates use mathematics as their artistic medium. Combining mathematics with their joy, can-do attitudes, and courage, laureates act on their convictions and revitalize their communities through various projects and social justice activities. For more information and details please explore our Learn More page and about the Project


This special group of young mathematician artists is of every ethnicity, age, and skill level. What they all have in common is their desire to make a difference. As a poet laureate uses words to memorialize a special occasion or advocate for an issue, a mathematician laureate uses mathematics to plot a community garden or aid individuals with their taxes.


Every community or organization needs a mathematician laureate to build the projects they want with the care and dedication they deserve. So if you’re a business, a school, or a non-profit and feel like you have a project that would benefit from a mathematician laureate, please complete a project form on our Contact page. If you are a potential mathematician laureate and want to become involved in a project, complete the interest form on our Contact page.

About Us

YMLP is a non-profit organization that seeks to inspire and support those who want to serve their communities through the mediums of mathematics and art.

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